B2B & B2C customers have high expectations of the brand experience. Every touchpoint should therefore convey the value of the brand, create trust and tell a coherent story. This makes efficient omnichannel marketing a real challenge. The key to success lies in the efficiency of the marketing ecosystem and its operationalization. This is where I come in as a digital pathfinder and implementation consultant for marketing organizations.

  • MY MISSION: For B2B / B2C companies and institutions, I plan and implement integrated and customer-centric brand and communication strategies, content, campaigns and processes for marketing organizations.
  • MOTIVATION: To strengthen brands in the digital space and achieve measurable business goals with data and technology.
  • REASON TO BELIEVE: Team spirit, consistent customer centricity and more than 25 years of experience with well-known brands in all phases of the customer journey.

    I am also happy to be your pathfinder for integrated marketing communication.
I am also happy to be your pathfinder for integrated MarCom.
Hellmut Eder, Digitalstratege trifft Marketer
Helmut Eder

Communication Services for Marketing-Organizations

I help companies to develop a resilient communications strategy, optimize their organization and communications processes and provide support when it comes to actual implementation:

Planning strategic marketing basics

  • Initial analyses
    • Market and competition
    • Own brand/s
    • Target group needs
    • Customer journey mapping
  • Definition of KPIs
  • Brand strategy
  • Differentiation of the target groups
  • Development of communication strategy
    • Content / format strategy
    • Channel strategy

Developing intelligent communicative processes

  • Development of integrated rule and campaign frameworks (social media, CRM/marketing automation, web, paid media) for sales activation, customer retention or strengthening the brand and employee loyalty
  • Optimization/definition of workflows in the set-up of collaborative content production
  • Selection and implementation support for resource management tools

Managing / implementing the operationalization

  • Regular and campaign communication
    • Project management
    • Analysis / interpretation of KPIs
    • Creative sparring
  • Digital transformation of the marketing organization
    • Management support and bridge builder for communicative change projects
    • Thought starter presentation at the start of change processes
    • Planning and moderation of workshops

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